SBE Chapter 124 Portland/Salem, OR & Vancouver, WA

SBE 124 Portland, Salem, & Vancouver

SBE124 Monthly Lunch Meeting Notice



Tuesday, January 14th, 2020, Noon



Buffalo Gap Saloon Eatery (upstairs)

6835 SW Macadam (at California)





Rick Belding, Manager for Sales Engineering, Vela

Get Better ROI from your Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring and logging should be more than just making sure your signals follow all the rules.  There are things you should expect which will help your team be better informed, more efficient, and get increased value out of your solution.  Rick will explore these concepts with us and we also discuss the evolution of mere logging into Smart Logging.

Ric Belding has been a broadcast and playout industry professional for over 20 years.  He’s served as a software developer, systems engineer, sales engineer, and technical team manager for many of the most prominent solution providers.  Ric’s worked with customers at all levels from community channels to large multi-channel playout facilities and as Vela’s Manager for Sales Engineering, he’s intimately familiar with the needs and workflows for compliance monitoring, recording, and logging.  Ric is highly regarded, throughout the industry, for his file and IT-based technology and workflow expertise.

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