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Portland, OR 97207

SBE 124 Portland, Salem, & Vancouver

SBE124 Monthly Lunch Meeting Notice



Tuesday, September 12th, Noon



Buffalo Gap Saloon Eatery (upstairs)

6835 SW Macadam (at California)





“Configuring Windows 10 for Your Studio” shares the WideOrbit Automation for Radio team’s list of optimal settings for using Windows 10 in a studio environment.  The presentation includes detailed instructions for overcoming Windows update interruptions and many of the other idiosyncrasies associated with Windows 10.


WideOrbit Automation for Radio is live in more than 2,000 stations worldwide.  WO Automation for Radio is a strong, flexible and user-friendly automation system which makes it easy for stations to program and optimize content and ads while simplifying workflow and reducing costs. Your local WideOrbit Automation for Radio representative, Michelle King, is looking forward to meeting you, answering your questions, and perhaps scheduling your WideOrbit Automation for Radio demonstration.



You do not have to be a member or be certified by SBE to attend the lunch meetings.


This presentation can also be seen in Eugene on September 13th, and in Medford on September 14th.


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