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SBE 124 Monthly Lunch Meeting Notice



Wednesday, May 11th, Noon PST (Networking online at 11:45 AM)



Busters BBQ – Tigard

11419 SW Pacific Hwy.
(503) 452-8384

Please be vaccinated!  (and preferably boosted)


Also on Zoom, link via sbe-pdx e-mail.  You will need to pre-register.


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Inovonics:  RDS Practices

Ben Barber CEO/President

With more and more car receivers doing their own thing, station engineers are asking how best to present the information for the most consistent and cohesive experience in the dashboard.

Ben always liked taking things apart and seeing how they worked.  When his parents bought him a “Radio Shack 65-In-One Kit” at the age of 12, there was no looking back.  He took electronic classes in high school and college, and one of his first jobs was soldering patch bays at the local AM Radio station where he grew up.  That cemented it for Ben; a career in Electronics and Radio was his destiny.

Ben is now the President and CEO of Inovonics Incorporated, an innovative broadcast equipment manufacturer located in the Bay Area of California.


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