SBE Chapter 124 Portland/Salem, OR & Vancouver, WA

SBE 124 Portland, Salem, & Vancouver

SBE124 Monthly Lunch Meeting Notice



Tuesday, August 11th, Noon PDT (meetings are always on the 2nd Tuesday of the month).




Meeting ID: 818 5424 4006
Passcode: sbe

The Zoom room will be open at 11:45 AM to enable you to check your connection and say hi to the other attendees, and open until 1:45 PM for questions and networking.

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Nick vanHaaster, Regional Sales Manager, GatesAir

GatesAir Show & Tell

Show: Brief snapshot of what GatesAir would have shown at NAB, new releases, and continued improvements for Intraplex, and Radio/TV solutions.

Tell: What to plan for in 2020…feedback from broadcasters across the country about what matters the most in the days of Covid-19.  How to plan for the future and improve operating costs immediately.

There will be a virtual door prize for all video attendees.

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