SBE Chapter 124
Portland/Salem, OR & Vancouver, WA

Monthly Lunch Meeting Notice


Tuesday, May 12th, Noon



Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery (upstairs)
6835 SW Macadam (at California)


Dielectric Antennas

From Cory Edwards:When it comes to FM antennas engineers have always wanted as much vertical polarization as possible to hit the target audience, which was listeners in cars. Is this still the case? Is that the future target audience? Have the FM broadcast antenna manufacturers kept up with an ever evolving market of end-user receiving devices?


Rhode & Swartz Transmitters

From Graziano Casale: The latest trend and buzzword with TV and FM transmitters is "Efficiency". When talking about transmitters itís important to understand what efficiency really means and how it can affect the operation of each station. New technology to enable more efficient transmitters, while facing FCC Spectrum Auctions and repacking as part of future digital TV standards, will be focal points of the presentation.




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