February 2021 Ice Storm in Portland

Four days of ice and snow


Out at 50 kw day/20 kW night 750 KXTG in Damascus, they were on generator for 3 1/2 days

(Pictures by Thor Waage)

A piece of ice from one of the 750 KXTG towers
Not what you want to see dropping from a tower




Completely broken


Not a happy sight


Feeds between the Antenna Tuning Unit and the tower are especially vulnerable. You can see all the pieces of ice that came off of the tower.


The tower next to this “doghouse” is over 300 feet tall, so a chunk of ice could have been dropping at high speed


Fortunately, that coil on the right was not damaged, just the standoffs were broken



Non-directional 10 kW day/1 kW night 1640 KDZR

is diplexed into one of the three self-supporting 1330 KKPZ towers on Mt. Scott

(Picture by James Boyd)

The falling ice from the inside of the tower just sheared off the tower feed at the feed-through


Out at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge, the intersection of wind and ice,

the 910 KMTT/1080 KFXX diplex site

(Picture by James Boyd) What’s wrong with this picture? Falling ice hammered the top of this ATU/filter cabinet


(Picture by Jeff McGinley) A very icy situation. When this site was built about 8 years ago, the towers had to be built to withstand an inch of ice with a 100 MPH wind


Meanwhile, at my house, about an inch of ice

(Pictures by Kent Randles)

My ham antenna leaned a little with the high wind, picked up some ice, leaned a little more, picked up more ice, etc.


An inch of ice on the guy ropes


Some very healthy ice chunks from the 1000′ KPTV/KPDX tower

(Picture by Pat Shearer)

KPTV/KPDX Transmitter Engineer Pat Shearer says these pieces of ice were 4″ thick


One whacked solar panel under what used to be the KPDX tower (Holly Farm?)

(Picture by Pete at Schmidt Property Management)