Past Presentations

September 2020

360 Systems Webinar

Bill Porter, Partner/Sales Manager, NBRI Technology Inc.

360 Systems TSS Servers 2019

360 Systems TSS-2470 II Low Res Flyer




360 Systems logo

August 2020


Nick vanHaaster, Regional Sales Manager, GatesAir

GatesAir Show & Tell

Show: Brief snapshot of what GatesAir would have shown at NAB, new releases, and continued improvements for Intraplex, and Radio/TV solutions.

Tell: What to plan for in 2020…feedback from broadcasters across the country about what matters the most in the days of Covid-19.  How to plan for the future and improve operating costs immediately.

There will be a virtual door prize for all video attendees.

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July 2020


Doug Ferber, VP Sales, Americas, and Jacob Daniluck, Tech Sales Expert

All about Tieline “The Codec Company” and their products, and how their products make it easier to broadcast from home, or anywhere for that matter.

Tieline logo

Douglas E. Ferber (Doug) has been involved in the Media and Communications industries for over 35 years. He began his career as an entry level sales trainee for Bonneville International Corporation in 1984 at KIRO-AM/TV in Seattle Washington . He completed his MBA from Southern Methodist University in 1989 and went on to work as an Account Executive for Capital Cities/ABC Radio in Dallas, Texas.

In 1994 Doug was recruited by Interep National Radio Sales to open and manage the Southwest Regional Office in Dallas for a dedicated representation company for Infinity Radio. As Infinity grew and eventually merged with CBS/Westinghouse, so grew the needs for national representation. Doug was promoted and brought to New York to become Vice President and General Manager where he was responsible for the national revenue budget for the former Westinghouse group acquired by CBS. These stations included huge heritage stations such as WINS-AM, KDKA-AM, KYW-AM, and WBZ-AM.

Since 1998 Doug has been brokering media properties and has closed more than 100 deals valued at approximately $400,000,000. He has been invited to speak on various panels at industry trade functions on the subjects of company and industry values, the state of the capital markets, and the availability and cost of capital.

DEFcom Advisors, LLC as a Media Financial and Operations Consultancy Company was founded in 2009.

From 2003 until 2010 Doug was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas-Dallas. He taught a graduate level class in Sales Management and received excellent reviews. 


Jacob Daniluck is the Tieline Sales Specialist for the Americas. He has been at Tieline for over 10 years now, before Tieline he was a board operator/technician at a local Indianapolis radio station for four years. At Tieline he works closely with each of their customers and helps tailor a solution to fix their specific needs. His background is specifically in real-time delivery (RTP, RTMP, SIP, SRT, WebRTC, AES67, etc…) over the public internet.



June 2020

Bob Tarsio, CEO, BDI

Bob Tarsio, Presdent/CEO, Broadcast Devices

Pt. 1     RF Power Measurement Accuracy Specifications and How They are Derived

Pt. 2    Basic Primer on SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol and How it is Implemented with BDI Products

Pt. 3     Multiplex over AES – A New Method for Feeding an FM Exciter – Using Proper Methods for Best Results


Since February 2002, Bob Tarsio has been president/CEO of Broadcast Devices, Inc. a manufacturer of audio and radio frequency monitoring products for the broadcast, professional audio, industrial, tactical radio systems, and scientific markets. BDI was co founded in 1985 by Mr. Tarsio and Mr. Frank Burgert. Mr. Tarsio is presently the sole owner of the company.

Mr. Tarsio has been involved in the communications/electronics industry since 1975. He has worked as a director of engineering and chief engineer for firms including the Highland Broadcasting Corporation, and Viacom Broadcasting. Mr. Tarsio spent twenty years at Viacom – the majority of that time as director of engineering for WLTW FM in New York City. In his last four years at Viacom, Mr. Tarsio was director of engineering of new technology development at the corporate level, reporting the chief technology officer of the company. While with the radio division, Mr. Tarsio was in charge of studio and transmitter design and development including R.F. combiner systems. Mr. Tarsio was involved with digital television development for Viacom and its subsidiaries.

Mr. Tarsio holds a Bachelor of Science/Physics from Pace University, and is a member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Broadcast Devices, Inc. incorporated in 1985 is a privately held manufacturer of electronic products for the broadcast, professional audio, industrial RF, and scientific industries and offers technical services to the electronics communications industry. For more information about the company and its products visit



May 2020

Presented by Buck Waters of Broadcasters General Store:

Telos Alliance Chairman of the Board and Founder of Omnia Audio, Frank Foti, and Telos Alliance U.S. Director of Western Radio Sales John Bisset held a Triple-play Virtual SBE Meeting for PortlandEugene, and Medford.

Frank Foti, founder of Omnia Audio, and Chairman of the Board of The Telos Alliance, spoke on “Sonically, what sets one style of processor apart from another, and how it affects time spent listening.”

This was a ZOOM meeting, permitting an interaction between SBE members and Frank.

Frank Foti and his small-gauge steam engine



April 2020


Eric Dausman KD7DNM, Senior VP, Public Media Group

Eric Dausman headshot


Sutro Tower Re-pack Project

Eric’s PowerPoint as a PDF file here.


Sutro Tower at night

Eric Dausman is the Senior VP of Public Media Group, PBC, a firm established to develop, own, and operate a nationwide network of data distribution and energy infrastructure assets that work with both public sector and commercial clients to execute ATSC 3.0, aka NextGen TV, market transitioning, Single Frequency Network development, Next-Generation Broadcast and Data Centers, and renewable power.  PMG serves various markets including, but not limited to, Education, Healthcare, Emergency Management, Rural Connectivity, and various commercial applications.

Eric worked in his early TV days at three Central California coast TV stations, KCOY, KSBY, and KSBW, prior to a mid-career move to New York, first as Director, Network Distribution and Core Projects for NBC, and later as Director of Engineering and Operations for WNBC-TV. In 1991, Eric become Director of Technology at KGW-TV, Portland, OR, which is now owned by Tegna. There he cultivated working relationships with his counterparts in commercial and public broadcast stations to construct a new tower for the DTV signals in 1999. Among
many projects, he oversaw the installation of a statewide microwave and translator network to feed 25 communities outside of Portland in Oregon and Washington. Later he upgraded the production facility to HDTV and designed and oversaw installed the station’s “studio on the square,” a fully remote all-HD digital production studio in Downtown Portland.
In 2009, Mr. Dausman was invited to apply his cooperative tower management skills to San Francisco’s Sutro Tower, Inc., where he acted as the Vice President and Chief Operating 0fficer until March of 2020. He oversaw the 2009 digital conversion and a video-over-IP network of traffic cameras on the San Francisco Bay bridges.

Eric is a member of SMPTE, SBE, and holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio license KD7DNM. He recently moved back to Lake Oswego, OR.


March 2020


Tee Thomas, Western Sales Manager, Anywave Communication Technologies

He discussed on-channel repeaters and high efficiency LPTV transmitters used to improve coverage in marginal coverage areas, and SFN systems

Anywave DPE-3 Product Brochure 19.03

Anywave LPTV Slate Series Transmitters Product Brochure 08-19

Anywave MHPTV Transmitters Product Brochure – 09-19

Anywave MHPTV Transmitters Product Brochure – 09-19_1



Tee Thomas, Anywave Communications

Tee Thomas has worked in the professional broadcast industry for over 50 years. He has held positions in Engineering and Technical support for many different companies throughout the U.S. Tee not only worked in broadcasting, building and rebuilding multiple studios and Transmitter sites for both TV and Radio, he also built over 200 cable plants, both commercial and private, and numerous other electronic communication projects. The latest RF plant in Lubbock Texas used two broadband antennas to broadcast 9 different TV stations. The tower also broadcast 9 FM stations using 3 antennas, one being directional.

Tee became an FCC First-Class Radiotelephone-licensed engineer at 13 while working with a local consultant in Louisville, KY, rebuilding AM stations and directional antenna systems. He graduated from New Albany High school and Prosser Vocational where he studied broadcast electronics while assisting in the rebuild of WNAS. He then joined the US Army as a Radar and Missile Firing Tech. He supported the Raytheon Tech reps rebuilding the Hawk Missile Systems in Korea. After the Army, he received an Associate Degree in Communication Electronics with a Physics minor from Indiana Vocational Technology College.






February 2020

Download the presentation here:  Hat-Daw SBE RF Exposure Presentation


RF Safety for Engineers (a one-hour course)

Stephen Lockwood, President, Hatfield & Dawson



Stephen Lockwood K7SSL, P.E., President/Senior Electrical Engineer, Hatfield and Dawson Consulting Engineers

The RF Safety Course provides an updated overview of RF radiation issues and practices for broadcasters, including:

  • Proving compliance at a broadcast site
  • Biological effects of RF radiation and the distinct differences between RF radiation and ionizing radiation
  • FCC, OSHA, state & local regulations – what they are and what you need to do to comply
  • Workplace hazards
  • Transmitter sites
  • SNG and ENG trucks
  • Remote operations (where news personnel can find problems such as on rooftops)
  • The unique issues at AM stations
  • RF hazard protection equipment – you may not need it but your contractors probably will
  • Signs – what they mean and what you need


This course is designed for broadcast station personnel, including chief and assistant chief engineers, transmitter site engineers, ENG and SNG maintenance personnel and management who need to have an understanding of RF safety issues and regulations.

Mr. Lockwood is an electrical engineer with more than 39 years of experience in the field of telecommunications engineering. He specializes in the development of system specifications, preparing interference documentation, conducting antenna and radio propagation analysis, inspecting telecommunications facilities, and the construction of radio facilities.

Located in Seattle, Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers specializes in telecommunications and electromagnetic engineering services. We are familiar with nearly all aspects of telecommunications and electromagnetic engineering. The firm performs conceptual and specific system design, government agency and license application engineering, preparation of specifications, construction supervision, propagation analysis, measurements, testing and operational review.

Hatfield & Dawson has decades of experience, allowing us to perform routine tasks with ease and take on more challenging tasks with confidence. First started by James Hatfield Sr. in 1945. James prepared license applications, conducted proof of performance tests, visited radio sites, and helped replace radio components. Following his passing, James Hatfield Jr. took over the company in 1973, bringing on board Ben Dawson III. Other talented engineers soon followed, transforming the firm to the company it is today.


Hatfield and Dawson Consulting Engineers


January 2020


Rick Belding, Manager for Sales Engineering, Vela

Get Better ROI from your Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring and logging should be more than just making sure your signals follow all the rules.  There are things you should expect which will help your team be better informed, more efficient, and get increased value out of your solution.  Rick explored these concepts with us and we also discussed the evolution of mere logging into Smart Logging.

Ric Belding has been a broadcast and playout industry professional for over 20 years.  He’s served as a software developer, systems engineer, sales engineer, and technical team manager for many of the most prominent solution providers.  Ric’s worked with customers at all levels from community channels to large multi-channel playout facilities and as Vela’s Manager for Sales Engineering, he’s intimately familiar with the needs and workflows for compliance monitoring, recording, and logging.  Ric is highly regarded, throughout the industry, for his file and IT-based technology and workflow expertise.





December 2019

Our annual Holiday Lunch.  The Chapter picked up the tab!

There was swag.



Door prizes donated by Broadcasters General Store, Sennheiser, and RF Specialties.
















SBE124 Chair Ev Helm W7EEH and Mike Mattson who won the set of killer headphones donated by Sennheiser.

















SBE124 Chair Ev Helm W7EEH and Pat Shearer, winner of a pair of killer earbuds donated by Sennheiser.





















SBE124 Chair Ev Helm W7EEH and Steve Delmarter KH8AB , winner of headphones donated by Broadasters General Store.
























Chapter 124 member Brian Walker KI7ROX, Customer Development/Applications Engineering, Sennheiser.















































SBE Members John White K7RUN and Jim Boland
















Two of the founders of SBE124, Steve Delmarter KH8AB and Gary Hilliard.


















Gary Hilliard, John Mackey KSØF, and RF Specialties Rep Bob Trimble N7IYI













SBE member Rod Evenson P.E.



















November 2019

Nick VanHaaster, Gates Air

Taking your HD Radio signal to the next level in 2020

It was a  complete walkthrough to better understand the differences between the current Gen3 HD Radio technology and the latest Gen4 release.  This presentation addressed important features such as automatic time-alignment, SFN integration, and increased HD with implementation of HCFR (Hybrid Crest Factor Reduction).

Nick has been working in the broadcast industry since 1997 starting at Pacific Research and Engineering (PR&E) as a systems design engineer for studio facilities.  Nick has been responsible for project management and the broadcast architecture of some of the largest Radio & TV implementations both domestic and international.

October 2019



September 2019

Jeff Wilson, Regional Sales Manager – Western US, Nautel 

HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter – The HD MultiCast+ is a single hardware platform, user-configurable for three operational modes: 1) Importer/Exporter; 2) Importer; and 3) Exporter. It is compatible with Nautel Exporter Plus and Importer Plus, supporting both iBiquity GEN3 and GEN4.

Jeff started his career in Broadcasting as a board-op in 1985 and held many positions at radio stations before moving to the manufacturing side in 1995.  With Nautel since 2018, Jeff serves the Western region of the US.


August 2019

Don Backus, Account Manager, Radio Transmitters, Rohde & Schwarz



With Total Cost of Ownership increasing for TV and FM broadcasters, there is an increasing need to reduce these costs over the life-cycle of the transmission system while improving performance and reducing ongoing maintenance costs. From alternative cooling systems to more efficient designs, from reductions in required floor space to reducing service costs by minimizing required maintenance, there are a number of factors that reduce the cost of ownership while improving up-time and performance. We will look at TCO and some of the advanced transmitter technologies that enable reduction in operating costs, both for Radio and TV transmitters. We’ll also discuss some forward looking technology initiatives including HD Radio Generation 4.

Don Backus is Account Manager, Radio Transmitters for global communication technology leader and innovator Rohde & Schwarz, handling Canada and the United States. Prior to joining Rohde & Schwarz in 2017, Don was Eastern US Sales Manager for Broadcast Electronics for five years. Don was previously VP of Sales & Marketing at ENCO Systems for 13 years and prior to that has held a number of positions in radio as an on-air personality, production director, general manager and chief engineer. He has presented to a number of professional broadcasting organizations including the Audio Engineering Society, a number of international, state and regional conferences and several SBE and IEEE chapters. Don has served two terms on the board of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and has recently completed serving his second term on the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation board.  Don is a member of the SBE.

July 2019

Benjamin Nemser WA4DZS, CEO, Nemal Electronics

This presentation provides an overview of the applications for fiber optics in Broadcast, including a brief history of the evolution of cable from analog transmission through 4K and 8K. We will discuss the different types of fiber optic cables, connectors, and Media Converters, with emphasis on SMPTE and Tactical Fiber products. We will also cover real world installation considerations and maintenance, both for inside plant as well as for mobile broadcast. Finally, we will take a look at tooling and test equipment. There will be samples on display to illustrate many of the products and concepts we discuss.

Benjamin Nemser founded Nemal Electronics in 1979 and is the company CEO. He holds an FCC General Radio Telephone Certificate as well as an Amateur Extra Class License WA4DZS. He is also a jet captain and flight instructor with 8000 hours of flight time. 

Nemal Electronics is an active member of SBE as well as NAB, and designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom broadcast cables for most of the principal broadcast networks and camera manufacturers throughout North and South America. Nemal’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Miami, Florida with a sales and technical support center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can also get more information at

June 2019

Cris Garcia, Sales Manager, Western US, Canada & Mexico for Cobalt Digital Inc.

A look at  Reliable Internet Stream Transport Protocol and what does it mean for your everyday transport performance vs traditional packet protection methods.  

Cris is instrumental in managing the western region’s sales and marketing efforts for new UHD, 12G, IP, FIBER and HEVC technologies including Audio and Video Processing solutions for Contribution, Master Control and Distribution of content. Prior to Cobalt, he was an integral member of  Astrodesign, developers of first 4K and 8K technologies where he served as Business Development and Product Manager expanding the market for monitoring and analysis tools for baseband and file base. At Evertz he focused on technical sales for the VIP and MVP product line. While at EVS he focused in developing new business opportunities for the MXF technology within File Mastering, Multi-Deliverables and archive markets. “






May 2019

Jeff Williams, General Manager, Yellowtec USA, hosted by Broadcasters General Store.

Yellowtec is known for its Mika line of mic arms, monitor arms and studio mounting systems, but also PUC2 USB audio interfaces, iXm recording microphone, Litt signaling devices and Intellimix networked mixing.

Jeff Williams is the General Manager of Yellowtec USA, LLC in Santa Ynez, CA, providing import, distribution, dealer and customer support. Jeff is a typical young broadcaster who talked his way into employment at a San Diego radio station at the age of 16, attended Emerson College in Boston, and has worked for several major market radio stations. Jeff started Yellowtec USA in the Spring of 2015.


March 2019

Kat Taub, Audinate

Audinate is the leading provider of professional digital audio networking technologies globally. Audinate’s Dante platform distributes digital audio signals over computer networks, and is designed to bring the benefits of IT networking to the professional AV industry.  Using Dante-enabled products ensures interoperability between audio devices and allows end users to enjoy high quality, flexible solutions—typically with a lower total cost of ownership.  Audinate recently announced the introduction of Dante AV the first AV-over IP Audio and Video solution of its kind.


Complete network management for Dante systems





February 2019


Brian Walker, Customer Development | Applications Engineering | SBE Chapter 124 Member

Sennheiser Electronic Corp.

An all new way to capture audio. An instant connection.

With the easy syncing of a transmitter and receiver, XS Wireless Digital creates a wireless peer-to-peer connection. It’s as simple as that. Be it a complication-free lavalier for the one-person video team or a wireless mic that’s up and running right out of the bag—this wireless tool empowers your inner creativity by helping you capture the moment.

If you’re looking to change your relationship with your viewers by enhancing your audio, then you need to try it out. Who knows? You might find you have an instant connection.


January 2019

No program, no host.  Got a suggestion?  This makes it a big networking opportunity:  bring a friend or co-worker!

We have Sennheiser next month, and Audinate in March.

October 2018


Graziano Casale, National Account Manager, Broadcasting, Rohde & Schwarz, USA

Contribution and distribution of live content over unmanaged IP networks

Microwave link, STL, CDN, Satellite and Fiber are the main options we consider when talking about Contribution and Distribution of A/V content, where reliability is key. The world, and broadcasting with it, is moving more and more towards IP communication. He talked about how the benefit of Internet Transmission is something to be considered in today’s Network infrastructure.


Graziano has over 10 years of sales and management experience, including TV transmitters, Mobile DTV, Headend, Microwave Link and System integration.  In his current role, Graziano’s responsibilities include mainly the Full and Low Power TV transmitter market as well as introducing to the broadcast market the new R&S products portfolio, and developing and maintaining successful client business relationship with key accounts.

Prior joining R&S, he was at Screen Service Broadcasting for 6 years, where he held several positions of increasing responsibility including Project Manager and Sales Director of North and Central America.  Graziano moved from Italy to the US with his knowledge and passion for Mobile DTV being part of the first Mobile TV commercial service in the world. He has a strong background and knowledge on digital TV standards and brings to the industry excitement on what business opportunities are available for the broadcasters.

Graziano holds a B.S and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Roma Tre.  When he’s not working or traveling, you might find him training for ironman, running a marathon, or playing basketball.



September 2018


Tony Gervasi, Sr., SBE Member and Sales Manager for GatesAir Intraplex


Reliable Transport of Audio and Data Over IP, discussed transport reliability, reviewed causes of packet losses, and went over media transport protocols and network security.  He discussed Intraplex IP Link’s methods for reliable IP transport for audio, FM MPX, and control (GPIO, PAD), plus introduced the Intraplex IPConnect transport system.




August 2018

Eddy Vanderkerken

Director of Sales, Broadcast Division, RFS

Antenna and RF System design for the FCC Repack

This presentation gave insight into how antenna design influences radiation patterns, how the design and manufacturing of antennas and RF filters has evolved, and the software tools that can be used to select the optimum solutions for the TV broadcaster during the FCC repack and beyond.












July 2018

Matt Leland, Director of Sales, Burk Technology.


June 2018

Don Roudebush
Western Region Account Manager
Electronics Research, Inc.

Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) presented an overview of the Impact of the New ANSI/TIA-222-H Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures on broadcast radio and television facilities. His presentation provided a summary of the changes that are incorporated into the new standard versus the current 222-G Structural Standards.   He was accompanied by Dave Benco, Vice President of US Sales for all three dates – Portland 6/12, Eugene 06/13, and Medford 06/14.  They hosted lunch and championed an informative discussion on the state of our industry.

About Electronics Research, Inc.

For more than 75 years, ERI has served the broadcast industry with products and services of the highest quality and dependability. Their dedicated staff of engineers, drafters, fabricators, project managers, and installers deliver products to meet all your broadcast needs, both RF and structural. They take pride in contributing to your success by offering the best broadcast antennas, filters and combiners, transmission line, and towers.


MAY 2018

Broadcasters General Store (BGS) and the Telos Alliance

Buck Waters from BGS, and Paul Kriegler, Manager US Sales – Omnia.  Paul talked about all things Omnia.

Plus, the Telos Alliance van, full of everything they make, was parked outside.

APRIL 2018

Mark Johnson, the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, LinkUp Communications.

“Solutions That Allow You & Your Organization to Benefit From the New FCC Studio Ruling”.

Mark’s brief talk specifically focused on the new change in FCC regulations regarding local studios and the technology that will allow broadcasters to take full advantage of this new opportunity. A satellite broadcast engineer for decades, Mark is uniquely qualified to speak on this subject as an expert in the field of content distribution and integration.

There will be a quick informational update on the FCC 5G proposal and it’s impact on C-band satellite delivery that he will share at the end of our discussion.

Mark has designed and installed multiple systems for non-commercial broadcasters, who have for years taken advantage of technical solutions to distribute their programing across multiple regions to their audiences while keeping a local feel to their programing.

Mark Johnson CSRE, a well-known leader in the broadcast transmission industry for over three decades, has been the “go to” guy for other audio and video content providers for years, including NPR Satellite Services and Ka You Communications. Though Mark graduated from Florida State University in the 1980’s, his real training began as an assistant to the Chief Engineer of WTNT AM/FM in Tallahassee, Florida and a broadcast producer for the Seminole Sports Network. Over the years Mark has continued his training through Harris Transmitter School (FM and FM25K), and is Global VSAT Advanced Certified.


 March 2018

George Horton, Vice President – Western Region, Solid State Logic, Inc.

IP Audio Networking–Forward Thinking Audio Routing for Broadcast Production

Audio-over-IP solutions are now in regular use around the world and in a wide range of critical applications. The installed sound market has been relying on IP transport for many years already, and now many broadcasters are implementing facility-wide AoIP technologies. This presentation covered how we have reached the current technologies and how they are evolving. He covered the current alphabet soup of acronyms and standards and finished up with a real word example of the technology in use.

George Horton, Vice President Western Region, Solid State Logic. Originally hailing from Oxford England, the home town of Sold State Logic and has been with SSL for 30 years.  From building consoles to testing, servicing, installing, training and now the commercial aspects in the Western United States.

About SSL

From groundbreaking audio consoles to innovative software and hardware solutions, Solid State Logic has evolved to become the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for Broadcast, Music, Film and Live Sound professionals.

With more than 3000 SSL-equipped studios and facilities operational today, the excellence of SSL consoles is universally recognized for unrivaled sonic quality, superb ergonomics, outstanding automation and an international support infrastructure second to none.

The SSL AWS truck was be parked outside