EAS For Portland-Vancouver and Oregon



Generic Oregon State 2024 RMT Schedule




2024 Portland/Vancouver “Odd Month” Daytime RMT Schedule.

All tests are at 10:15 AM

MONTH / DATE DAY Make-up RMT Originator
January 5th Friday Thursday January 11th CRESA (Clark County)
March 7th Thursday Wednesday March `13th Clackamas County
May 7th Tuesday Monday May 13th CRESA (Clark County)
July 5th Friday Thursday July 11th Clackamas County
September 5th Thursday Tuesday September 10th CRESA (Clark County)
November 7th Thursday Wednesday November 13th Clackamas County



2024 Oregon “Even Month” Night time RMT Schedule

Tests are originated at 12:15 AM by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management,

except for October, which is originated by NOAA Weather Radio.

February 7th Wednesday Tuesday February 13th
April 5th Friday Thursday April 11th
June 5th Wednesday Tuesday June 13th
August 7th Wednesday Tuesday August 13th
October 21st Monday 10:21 AM Monday October 28th
December 5th Thursday Wednesday December 11th

The October Monthly Test is scheduled as part of the “Great Shakeout” exercise.

See https://www.shakeout.org/oregon/ for details.


2024_EAS_Weekly_Station_Log_Form as a DOC file

2024_EAS_Weekly_Station_Log_Form as a PDF file

2024_Generic_State_Test_Schedule as a DOC file



Oregon State EAS Plan v15.0 Nov. 2022 as a DOCX file

Oregon State EAS Plan v15.0 Nov_2022 as a PDF file

Oregon Monitoring Assignments 10-1-2022 as an XLS file


Coordination of tests, and information for broadcast stations and cable companies in Oregon and Clark County, WA, is available on an e-mail list.

To subscribe, e-mail the_secretary@sbe124.org – subject to qualifications.