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Why Be Certified?

The Certification Program is a service of the SBE contributing to the advancement of broadcast engineering for the general benefit of the entire broadcast industry.

In 1975, the SBE established a Certification Program to recognize and raise the professional status of broadcast engineers by providing standards of professional competence. Through the years, it has become recognized in the industry as the primary method of verifying the attainment of educational standards. With the industry constantly changing, the SBE-certified engineer must keep up with those changes.

From the certified operator to the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, the SBE has a certification for every broadcast engineer and technician. To learn about the different kinds of certification, go to the Certification Levels section. You may also download a printable overview of SBE certification and membership here (PDF).

Program Objectives

  • To raise the status of broadcast engineers by providing standards of professional competence in the practice of broadcast engineering and related technologies.
  • To recognize those individuals who, by fulfilling the requirements of knowledge, experience, responsibility and conduct, meet those standards of professional competence.
  • To encourage broadcast engineers to continue their professional development.


To be eligible for certification, you must have a strong interest in the design, operation, maintenance or administration of the day-to-day problems and achievements associated with the operation of a broadcast facility or related technology. You must also meet the specific eligibility requirements of the desired certification level. The SBE broadcast engineer certificate is not a license; it is a document that recognizes professional competence by peers in a professional, independent organization. Certification is for individuals only and may not be used to imply that an organization or firm is certified.

For Chapter 124 SBE Certification Information,

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